Build Content Rich Website By Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are a greatest tool for successful marketing in the online market. They get you about 80% of the traffic in the online market. For making a site search engine friendly it is necessary that you have quality content. For all the search engine marketing solutions quality content works really well. Remember it’s not just stuffing the site with content, rather it the effective use of skillful writing techniques. Here are a few tips that can make your content up to the standards of a search engine:

• Write content that people search for. Make sure that the content is relevant to what people search in the search engine.

• Make sure that you don’t stuff the content with keywords as such that it becomes highly dense. Keyword density should vary from 2% to 5%.

• Make an effective use of the targeted keywords.

• Make the content interesting to make the customers glued to their seats in front of their computers. If the content contains something unique and interesting the user would come back to you.

• Make sure that the content is user friendly too. That means that it should be easily understood, interesting, informative, not too long or too short. The content should be somewhere between 300 to 700 words. This would make an average of 500 words which is easy for the buyer to read and comprehend.

• The content that you choose to add should be supported by audio and video effects that make the page attractive.


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