When does the Social Media Optimization Fail?

In the arena of the web marketing, the social media optimization is one of the latest techniques. Other than that, something that is one of the latest techniques is the PPC management. However, right now the PPC management and the social media optimization are not really related. 

Sometimes a business owner pools in a lot of money for the social media optimization, however it fails. There are several significant reasons that can lead to the failure of the social media optimization campaign. Some of these reasons are listed as follows.
  1.       The social media optimization would fail if the audience were wrong. It means that a Facebook page of a business might have thousands of people who like the page. However not many people even know what the business actually is. So of course, it means that the targeted audience is wrong.
  2.       The social media optimization would fail if the Facebook or the twitter pages of the business were not active. It means that the owners of the page are not doing enough gigs to engage the audience of the Facebook or the Twitter page. In that case, people would conveniently forget about the business.
  3.        Linking the social media optimization to the PPC management is also a reason that the social media optimization campaign can fail. This is because right now, the PPC is linked with the SEO only. Therefore, it does not really work with the audience of the social media. People who have tried to integrate both were not able to increase the CTR (click through ratio).


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