Affordable Seo Services Make Email Marketing Effective With Opt-Out Link

Email marketing is part of affordable seo services to spread your business message for targeted audiences and to attract more and more customers at your website. This mode is also used to inform users about latest happenings at your company end while making them well informed. 

Opt-Out Link Is Not Preferred By Marketers:

Mostly it is not preferred by web marketers to include opt-out or unsubscribe link in the email marketing campaigns. It means they don’t allow users to unsubscribe from receiving emails further if they don’t want. 

Reasons Of Including Opt-Out Link:

Following are the main reasons behind using opt-out link in your email marketing included in affordable seo services.  

Legal Implications:

CAN SPAM Act forces you to include opt-out link in your emails. You are also required to mention exact mailing address in the message. 

Avoid Wasting Resources:

Opt-out emails give users the right to get unsubscribed from receiving emails provided they are not willing for that purpose. If users don’t want to see your messages then why to waste time, cost and resources on such useless practices. If user doesn’t find it easy to unsubscribe himself from emails then it would be up to you to do that task. It will add to your overall administrative cost to exclude him manually from your list of email contacts for the purpose of marketing. 

Timeline For Opt-Out Request:

After receiving request from users to unsubscribe from email marketing list, it’s your responsibility to take action over that request within 10 days. After that time if users will receive any of your emails, those will be considered as unsolicited or spam mails.
Why to make people worried if you can facilitate them with opt-out option as part of affordable seo services. Think about that!


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