Social Media Advertising Is More Targeted Without Exploiting Privacy

It is commonly said that don’t use sales language in your social media advertising or in paid marketing campaigns, instead, provide information about your offers whether these are products or services. This thought is reversed by the ads put on display at social networking websites. It seems businesses have sought out what users want and are hitting them from the same directions. 

Privacy Concerns Arise
By checking every box on social networking websites, you are actually allowing advertisers to show their ads at your page. Privacy advocates have shown serious concerns about this kind of social media advertising. They are of the view that it is totally about exploiting use of personal information. 

Facebook Uses Software To Track Your Interests
It’s a fact that Facebook uses software to track the activities you perform on the site. The things against which you press “like” also determine what kind of ads should be there at your profile. 

Google And Yahoo Also Track Your History
Google and Yahoo, just like Facebook, also use your search history along with keywords that are present in your email to decide the ads that should be there at your profile pages. 

Advertising Has Become Easy, But Convincing Customers Is Tough
It’s not an easy job to determine what users will buy regardless of the advertising efforts made after tracking search history or your likes. Users are intelligent enough to decide what they need and what they have to buy. You as a marketer just need to move wisely to click users’ minds enabling them to reach the buying decision. 

Social media advertising 
Can benefit your business if you follow right steps after having clear understanding of users and their expectations.


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