Avoid Immoral Techniques in Search Engine Marketing

As there are ethics of doing business there are ethics of marketing on the internet. If these immoral and ethically wrong ideas are adopted the site can get penalized of even banned from the web. So while you are in the process of search engine marketing you need to be careful at each and every step; as there is a thin line that describes ethics of marketing online. Here are few unethical tactics that can get you in trouble:

  •         You need to be very careful in the selection and usage of keywords. Do not repeat the keyword again and again. Stuffing with a certain keywords means that you are ready to give away traffic. Users don’t like a content that has a repetition of same words. This makes the content boring for the buyers and drives their attention away. On the other hand the keyword density of 2 % is good for a search engines crawler. For the secondary keywords this density should not be more than 7% of the total content.

  •          Secondly be careful in the selection of content that is the property of someone else. This includes all the components of website, i.e. photos, music, text etc.

  •           The crawlers of a website are sensitive to duplicate items. So come up with original ideas. Do not copy-paste the content as search engines would detect it right away.


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