Keyword content balance is important in search engine marketing (SEM)

The most essential part of Search engine marketing is keywords. But you should know the ratio of keywords in the content of a website. You have to maintain a balance between the primary keywords and content of a website. 

The content that you place on a website doesn’t only need to be unique but also needs to be updated regularly. When you write on an ideal content it needs to have a focal point. All the content needs to written as such that it revolves around the focal point.

It should be relevant to the topic that you have chosen to write on. If you repeat a keyword again and again this would not only make the content boring and dull for the readers. For making it interesting you can use the synonyms instead of the keywords every time you need it.

On the other hand the search engine crawlers don’t like content that is over stuffed with keywords. The content must be very attractive and informative to hold back the readers. They can probably find the same content on some other site but if you can bring something interesting to there knowledge they would stay and read it with interest.

On the other hand if the user is looking for a keyword phrase he would want the phrase to be prominent. So a balance needs to be maintained between the content and the keywords of a web page.
A content that has the keyword in the first few lines is quite attractive for the users. When you adjust a keyword in the first few sentences make sure that you don’t ruin the quality of work
In order to give a complete look to the content One of the most important tips of search engine marketing is to use the keyword in the last phrase of the article.


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