Difference between Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Over the past few years, Search Engine Marketing has seen a great boom including a totally new range of internet marketing opportunities and connecting people through search engines, social networking sites and the mobile Internet. The sales figures for Internet ready mobile phones are one a rise.

Search Engine Marketing:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is entering into a new age with digital news feeds and HD video feeds increase the popularity of a website. Presently, an impressive website needs to bring in use the new technologies keeping in view the users’ demands. Majority of users stay connected to their friends through social networking websites. This feature is now available on the new generation of the smart phones as well. A new range of social networking applications has been launched for the marketers and common users. An Internet business is mostly based on a website which should be accessible to users regardless of their location.

Social Media Marketing:
People, now-a-days prefer watching a video news fees over reading text materials. No wonder, usage of internet applications over a cell phone is increasing four times faster than the internet usage on the desktop computers. As a result, having a mobile version of your business website has become a must in the present global world. The Internet based businesses that use e-commerce (preferably video news feeds) are viewed by a larger number of users. Advanced application usage and some smart programming tools may be used to present a particular business more prominently in the present digital age.


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