Fresh SEO TIPS 2

When we talk about search engines they are quite sensitive about the material that you are providing them, so making a decision of hiring a professional to handle search engine marketing is a wise decision.
Here are a few Fresh SEO TIPS 1 to help you improve ranking on a search engine:
1.      Using HTML that is accessible:
If the html that is used is not accessible to the search engine visibility issue cannot be addressed. The more accessible it is the better you would rank on a search engine.
2.      Title tag:
Select a keyword phrase and use it in the title tags. This would make the site visible for the search engines.
3.      Domain name
Once you have selected a keyword phrase, get a domain with the keyword phrase. This means that you are optimizing the website for a particular phase making it more visible to the search engine.
4.      URL
Make sure you make visibility more by placing the keyword phrase in URLs. The search engine ranks your content after reading the relevant keyword phrase in the URL that you have.
5.      Keyword density
The keyword should not be more than 7% of the total content. Though keywords play a very important role in the ranking of a page but over doing can ruin all the hard work you have done on the content of your website.


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